Binta Niambi Brown 3 feature

Binta Niambi Brown

Founder, Fermata Entertainment Ltd. & Big Mouth Records LLC

“Resist the temptation to be defined by the expectations of others.”

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Sandy Wysocki

Business & Philanthropic Leader

“Courage and persistence are two of the most important qualities necessary to set and achieve life goals.”

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Ann Hudock feature

Ann Hudock

Senior Vice President for International Programs at Plan International USA

“It is so important for girls to find their voice and listen to who it tells them to be.”

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Kira Lafond 2

Kira Lafond

Publisher, Milwaukee Business Journal

“It really never crossed my mind that I couldn’t be these things because I was a girl.”

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Patrice Banks 3 - Copy

Patrice Banks

Founder, Girls Auto Clinic

“I wasn’t called princess a lot but, when I was, it was in a sarcastic way.”

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Major Susan Upward

U.S. Marine & Attorney

“Nothing gets my engine going more than someone telling me I’m not smart enough or strong enough or something else enough.”

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Laura Dunn 3

Laura Dunn

Survivor & Founder of SurvJustice

“I helped originate a movement that went all the way to the White House…simply through using my voice and standing against injustice.”

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Connie Watt

Mom & Business Executive

“Life is like a hallway of open doors that are full of opportunities, and only you can close them.”

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