Jen Lada

Sports Broadcaster

“I honestly had no idea that women could be sportscasters – there just weren’t that many out there.”

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Alyson Dudek

U.S. Olympic Short-Track Speedskater

“I hope to inspire young kids and adults alike to dream big and go for their goals.”

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Major Susan Upward

U.S. Marine & Attorney

“Nothing gets my engine going more than someone telling me I’m not smart enough or strong enough or something else enough.”

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Connie Watt

Mom & Business Executive

“Life is like a hallway of open doors that are full of opportunities, and only you can close them.”

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Mia Zierk

Firefighter and Entrepreneur

“Practice your instrument, and stay focused on what matters.”

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Joanna McQuide

Fitness & Wellness Leader

“We learn from each other, so give of yourself and your talents as well as being open to learning from others.”

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Katie Melin

Teacher & Roller Derby Player

“I am really proud that at 30 years old I picked up a full contact sport. It was really scary at first, but I figured, if the girls out there can do it, why can’t I? “

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