Binta Niambi Brown 3 feature

Binta Niambi Brown

Founder, Fermata Entertainment Ltd. & Big Mouth Records LLC

“Resist the temptation to be defined by the expectations of others.”

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Jen Lada

Sports Broadcaster

“I honestly had no idea that women could be sportscasters – there just weren’t that many out there.”

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Laura Langemo


“I want people to know it’s okay to try something new and even fail at first. You have to be able to laugh at yourself and not live in fear of what can go wrong.”

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Katrina Cravy

On-Air Personality & Reporter

“I was never called ‘princess’ and, if someone had called me princess, I’m pretty sure I would have said something to immediately bounce me out of the sweet girl category.”

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Trenni Kusnierek

Sports Anchor

“Somehow the message was, if you are a girl and you have standards, expectations and demands then you are not easy to get along with. I work really hard to make sure my niece (she’s 5) knows this is not true.”

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Beth Cimler


“This journey has required me to listen to my gut instinct like never before and to find strength and stamina that I never knew I had.”

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Grace Weber 5 feature

Grace Weber


“Singing was like breathing; I simply loved music so deeply.”

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Megumi Kanda

Principal Trombonist, Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra

“You don’t have to change yourself just to fit in.”

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