Amelia Earhart

Famous Pilot

On May 20th, 1932, she realized her dream of becoming the first woman to fly solo across the Atlantic Ocean from Harbor Grace, Newfoundland, to Paris, France. In doing so, she broke many records.

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Rosa Parks

Civil Rights Leader

On December 1, 1955, in Montgomery, Alabama, Parks refused to give up her seat in the colored section of a bus to a white passenger after the white section was filled. Her courageous defiance became the symbol of the modern Civil Rights Movement. It also earned her the titles of “the first lady of civil rights” and “the mother of the freedom movement” from the United States Congress.

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Rachel Carson

Biologist, Environmentalist and Writer

Rachel loved nature as a child, and she turned that passion into a career that made a lasting impact on the world. Rachel became a marine biologist, environmentalist and writer who alerted the world to the environmental impact of fertilizers and pesticides. She is known as the founder of the global environmental movement.

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Marie Curie

Nobel Prize Winning Scientist

Curie became the first woman to win a Nobel Prize, the first person and only woman to win twice and the only person to win twice in multiple sciences. She won her first Nobel Prize in Physics in 1903 and her second Nobel Prize in Chemistry in 1911.

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Jeannette Rankin

First woman member of Congress

Jeannette wanted to change the world. It wasn’t an easy task, but she didn’t waver under the pressure. Instead, her determination, drive and passion led to the 19th Amendment of giving women the right to vote.

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Jane Goodall

Animal Rights Activist

Beginning at a young age, Jane was fascinated by animals. Her strong interest compelled her to learn more and more about animals. Eventually, it took her all the way to Africa, where she did her most famous work with chimpanzees. Jane’s groundbreaking work created one of the most trailblazing studies of primates in modern times.

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Isabelle Eberhardt

Swiss Explorer and Writer

“For now it seems that by advancing into unknown territories, I entered into my life.”

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Helen Keller

Author, political activist, and lecturer

Helen was only 18 months old when she was struck blind and deaf by an illness. But that didn’t hold her back. Despite the struggles she faced, Helen became a renowned activist and accomplished great things.

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Georgia O’Keeffe

American artist

Known for her flower and scenery paintings, O’Keeffe became an international sensation and the first internationally recognized female artist. Her artwork included canvas, watercolors and some sculptures that were made later in her life. By the 1920s, O’Keeffe was recognized as one of America’s most important and successful artists.

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Florence Nightingale

Founder of modern nursing

Florence never let anything stop her from following her dream of being a nurse. She viewed caring for others as her calling even when she was dissuaded or not understood. Ultimately, her perseverance and accomplishments led to and understanding of the need for the nursing profession.

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