Deanna Singh

Social Entrepreneur & Community Leader

“When people told me I could be anything, I took them seriously.”

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Mia Zierk

Firefighter and Entrepreneur

“Practice your instrument, and stay focused on what matters.”

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Connie Shaikh

Philanthropist & Restaurant Entrepreneur

“We are all meant to be different; that’s what makes us unique and interesting. Life would be so boring if we were all the same.”

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Joanna McQuide

Fitness & Wellness Leader

“We learn from each other, so give of yourself and your talents as well as being open to learning from others.”

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Deb Paschke

Executive Director of Hometown Heroes

“I do have a philosophy that a person should just try everything in life. It can become valuable experience, and you never know where it will lead.”

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Amy Lindner

Lawyer & Non-Profit Executive

“I know in my bones that whatever success I’ve had was made possible because so many people invested in me. I find it both a responsibility and a privilege to try to do the same for others.”

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Rebecca Scarberry

Founder, Becky’s Blissful Bakery

“Trust your instinct. No one is smarter than you. Impress yourself every day. You CAN do it. Don’t ever give up. Always – always be yourself!”

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