Ava Schalow doesn’t want to be a princess. She wants to be more.

A natural entrepreneur, Ava’s business started when she liked one of her mom’s bracelets. She decided to try to make one herself and realized how much she enjoyed it. Soon, people began asking Ava where she bought her bracelets, and she knew it was a business opportunity.

Ava’s business has grown significantly from her early day of selling at garage sales. She now owns Ooh La La & Co., which includes Ava’s Cord Creations. Ava makes many types of products, including bracelets, pet collars and pacifier clips, with the use of high quality paracord.

Ava is also an incredible example of generosity as she recently donated all of the money she made in one month toward her dad’s medical school residency fees.

She says her mission is to have fun and make people happy!

We had a chance to ask Ava a few questions. Something tells us this amazing girl will make people happy…and incredibly proud!

“I work hard and always do my best even when things are tough.” – Ava Schalow

Q & A

Q: What do you want to be when you grow up and why?

A: I want to be a Kindergarten teacher when I grow up because I love little kids, and I would love to help them learn.

Q: What do people say when you tell them that?

A: My mom told me I could be anything I want to be.

Q: Do people ever call you “princess” and, if so, how does that make you feel?

A: I don’t think anyone has ever called me that, but princesses have never really been my thing.

Q: How did you decide to start your own business, Ooh La La & Co.?

A: It started when my mom got a paracord bracelet and I really liked it so, I tried to make one. And I liked doing it so I decided to make some of my own and then people started asking where I got my paracord bracelets. When I realized how much people liked them I wanted to start a business. I started at a garage sale and then moved to something bigger and that was when I started Ooh La La & Co. online to reach more people.

Q: Do your family and friends support you?

A: Yes, my family and friends give me a ton of support!!

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Q: Did you ever think you’d be called an “amazing girl” for choosing to do this?

A: I never really thought about that, actually.

Q: What three words would you like people to use to describe you?

A: Happy, hard working, brave

Q: What do you want people to know about you outside of your accomplishments?

A: That I work hard and always do my best even when things are tough.

Q: What motivates you?

A: What motivates me most is my family always being there to support me.

Q: If you could have ice cream with one person, whom would it be?

A: Taylor Swift

Q: What advice would you give to a girl who wants to be just like you?

A: To work hard and always do your best, and I would tell them that they could do it, and that everyone is special in a way.

Bonus Question: What question would you ask the next Amazing Girl we interview?

A: What quote inspires you the most?

Fun Facts:

  • Ava’s favorite app is iTunes because she loves music.
  • She is most looking forward to going to the pool this summer.
  • She doesn’t have a favorite song because she loves tons of songs.
  • Ava’s favorite sports team is the Wisconsin Badgers.
  • Her favorite subject in school is writing.