Major Susan Upward

U.S. Marine & Attorney

“Nothing gets my engine going more than someone telling me I’m not smart enough or strong enough or something else enough.”

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Laura Dunn 3

Laura Dunn

Survivor & Founder of SurvJustice

“I helped originate a movement that went all the way to the White House…simply through using my voice and standing against injustice.”

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Connie Watt

Mom & Business Executive

“Life is like a hallway of open doors that are full of opportunities, and only you can close them.”

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Deanna Singh

Social Entrepreneur & Community Leader

“When people told me I could be anything, I took them seriously.”

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Mia Zierk

Firefighter and Entrepreneur

“Practice your instrument, and stay focused on what matters.”

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Connie Shaikh

Philanthropist & Restaurant Entrepreneur

“We are all meant to be different; that’s what makes us unique and interesting. Life would be so boring if we were all the same.”

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