Helen Keller

Author, political activist, and lecturer

Helen was only 18 months old when she was struck blind and deaf by an illness. But that didn’t hold her back. Despite the struggles she faced, Helen became a renowned activist and accomplished great things.

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Georgia O’Keeffe

American artist

Known for her flower and scenery paintings, O’Keeffe became an international sensation and the first internationally recognized female artist. Her artwork included canvas, watercolors and some sculptures that were made later in her life. By the 1920s, O’Keeffe was recognized as one of America’s most important and successful artists.

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Emily Dickinson

American Poet

Dickinson needed nothing more than a pen and some paper to become who she wanted to be. Her unique poetry style, with an emphasis on using dashes, earned her accolades as one of the greatest American Poets of all time. In addition, she was inducted into the Women’s Hall of Fame in 1973.

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Aretha Franklin

Queen of Soul

Aretha charmed the world with her extraordinary gift of song. However, it wasn’t just her singing that captured people’s hearts. People were drawn to her character, strength and determination – no matter the odds.

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